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  Christopher V. Sherman
Executive Director, Founder
Virtual Worlds Management
Show Initiative, LLC


Chris Executive Director and Founder of Show Initiative, LLC and Virtual Worlds Management, the leading trade media company serving virtual worlds professionals.

With more than 17 years experience, Mr. Sherman is one of the world’s foremost experts on the virtual worlds and video game industries. He currently helms Virtual Worlds Management, which produced the industry-defining Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo held in October in San Jose and is organizing the upcoming Virtual Worlds 2008 scheduled to take place April 3-4, 2008, in New York City. He also serves as the managing editor of, the industry’s leading information source.

Chris has been at the intersection of media and technology since the early 1990s, having founded numerous companies during that time. 

In 2003 Mr. Sherman founded Show Initiative, the parent company of Virtual Worlds Management, and created the Austin Game Conference (AGC). In October 2006 AGC and the company’s the game industry conference portfolio was sold to CMP Technology in order to focus on the Virtual Worlds media and events. 

Chris has been involved in a variety of startups including three media companies, a web services company managing investment portfolios for angel investors, an online music company, a grid computing company and an ecommerce firm dedicated to horror and Halloween related merchandise.

Prior to all this Chris launched UGO, LLC which went on to become one of the leading online media networks catering to men aged 18 to 34.  He sold UGO to a NYC-based investment group in 1999. UGO is now part of Hearst Corp.  Prior to founding UGO, Chris was the founding publisher of Multimedia Wire (MMWIRE), a daily subscription based fax newsletter for the video game industry. He participated in the launch of the famed and now defunct E3 Expo with the production of the web site and contributing to the E3 Show Daily.





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