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Deborah M. Manchester
Ph.D., President & CEO, Executive Producer


Bringing The Zula Patrol TV series, DVDs, videos, Educational Outreach Program, books, The Zula Academy museum show, planetarium show, and other ancillary products from imagination to fruition, has become Deborah's passion these past few years.

Deborah received her Ph.D. in Communication from The Ohio State University in 1980. Her major fields of study were early childhood language and cognitive development, psychology, neurology, and audiology. She developed a thriving audiology practice in Columbus, Ohio with offices in several hospitals.

In 1990 she decided to try her hand at the creative side of business. She became one of twelve students accepted into the Applied Center for Computing Arts & Design at The Ohio State University, where she studied animation. After completing the ACCAD program, she created a medical and orthopedic products company, ZULA, which would market a cover for leg and arm casts. The alien characters that she created, and which are printed on the cast covers, immediately became popular. The concept of Zula became so popular that Deborah decided to create a TV series for young children utilizing them.

So she created The Zula Patrol, an educational series that teaches young children about science and astronomy, while promoting tolerance and non-violent conflict resolution. The Zula Patrol television program is being distributed by American Public Television to Public Broadcasting Stations nationwide and begins airing, fall 2005.














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