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Jason Archinaco
Partner, Commercial Litigation Department
White and Williams LLP


Mr. Archinaco is a partner in the Commercial Litigation Department.  He currently concentrates his practice in defending complex commercial matters and has a diverse background of case handling.  In 2005, Mr. Archinaco was named in a survey of his peers as a Pennsylvania "Rising Star" attorney by Law & Politics magazine.

Mr. Archinaco recently completed a three year assignment in California, successfully obtaining in excess of $44 million in verdicts for a large corporate entity.  He also successfully pierced the corporate veil for in excess of $12.8 million, and obtained over $500,000 in sanctions after he proved the repeated destruction of documents by his opposition and in conspiracy with third parties.


Mr. Archinaco has handled a wide variety of commercial disputes through and including trial and the appellate process, including antitrust, domain name squatting, employment, trademark, securities law and lender liability claims.  Mr. Archinaco has also defended a variety of local, high profile cases as well, including wire tap violations, false imprisonment and defamation claims.

Mr. Archinaco has argued before all levels of the appellate courts of Pennsylvania, including the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the Superior Court and Commonwealth Court and has successfully defended verdicts in his clients' favor.  He has also assumed appellate cases tried by others and caused trial errors to be reversed on appeal.  Mr. Archinaco has also practiced before both the SEC and NASD, successfully representing his clients.

Mr. Archinaco recently published an article analyzing issues of real world damages existing in connection with massively multiplayer games and virtual worlds, entitled "Virtual Worlds, Real Damages: The Odd Case of American Hero, the Greatest Horse that May Have Lived."

Mr. Archinaco received his B.S. in 1992 from Villanova University, cum laude, and his J.D. in 1995 from Boston University School of Law.  He is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and has been admitted pro hac vice in numerous jurisdictions.  Mr. Archinaco is also admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. 
















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