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  John Swords
The Electric Sheep Company

Swords started his journey with social software 15 years ago beginning with Bulletin Board Systems and some of the earliest text-based virtual worlds. Prior to joining Electric Sheep Company, John was a serial entrepreneur spending 8 years leading web development and new media production studios with a focus on participatory community software.

As Executive Producer for Electric Sheep, John was responsible for producing the largest single event held in Second Life to date for NBC Universal. He has produced a variety of client projects including goal-oriented games, an episodic video series, live television, movie premieres, and specialized mobile virtual world software. In 2006, he launched "Odd Jobs", an employment agency that staffs Electric Sheep client projects with Second Life residents paid in virtual world currency at working wage rates.

As an independent media producer, John has generated hundreds of hours of recorded interviews and panel discussions on new media, virtual worlds, and social computer technology. He has interviewed such luminaries as Dr. Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the mouse and pioneer of networked computing as well as Robert Scoble, former Microsoft Technical Evangelist and video blogger.

John is a frequent invited speaker at social software conferences, summits, and private corporate engagements. Most recently, he participated in Ludium II: Video Games and Public Policy (2007), PodCamp NYC (2007), VON Policy Summit (2007), and the Metaverse Roadmap Summit (2006).







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