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  Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai
Director, Broadband & Gaming
Parks Associates    

Michael Cai studies developments in video and online gaming, last-mile technologies such as FTTx and broadband wireless, bundled services, and other broadband value-added services. He has written reports on digital distribution of video games, online and networked gaming, broadband wireless markets, broadband services, storage, and entertainment middleware solutions. In addition to industry reports covering the gaming market, Michael has recently completed a comprehensive multi-client gamer segmentation study, which identified six unique gamer segments, and he has also completed numerous custom research projects on the gaming industry, including an international survey of online gamers, an international survey of power gamers, an international research project on set-top box gaming, a U.S. centric study on digital distribution of video games, and an industry interview project on console gaming. In 2007, Michael plans to deliver three industry reports on game advertising, casual gaming, and portable/mobile gaming. Michael has presented his research in numerous industry events including E3, GDC, CES, Supercomm, CONNECTIONS™, Broadband World Forum, and the National Show.










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