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  Wendy Louie
New Media Marketing Manager
Random House Children's Books

Wendy Louie currently manages new online initiatives at Random House Children's Books. Wendy played an integral role in driving online awareness to major book properties including Magic Tree House, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Little Golden Books, Dr. Seuss as well as authors such as Christopher Paolini, Judy Blume, Tamora Pierce, and Jerry Spinelli. Recognizing the sophistication and savvy-ness of today's youth, Wendy has been able to lead new and innovative ideas that engage and immerse both children and teens. Wendy is currently working on new projects within the youth market that involves the latest in mobile marketing, WOMMA, social networks, virtual worlds, in-game advertising, and ARGs.

She received her B.S. degree in Architecture from Barnard College and holds a M.S. in Communications Designs from Pratt Institute.






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